2015 National Conference


You are invited!

It is with great pleasure that we invite your organisation to ‘Inspire and create the future together’ at the Parks and Leisure Australia National Conference being held in Sydney in October 2015.

Limited opportunities are available to be involved with an industry that is one of the fastest growing in the world and one which has such a wide ranging positive impact on the continuing growth and development of Australia, its people, environment and economy.

Becoming involved and ‘creating the future together’ with Parks and Leisure Australia will associate your company with a professional organisation committed to; protecting the environment, promoting sustainable living, building healthy communities, transforming the places in which we live, creating jobs and investment, conserving our culture, and inspiring our future.

Supporting the Conference will provide your company with the opportunity to inspire the industry as well as develop strategic relationship opportunities which have the ability to deliver long lasting legacies, as well as national and international networks. The Conference will provide unbridled access to inspirational business thinkers and industry leaders in the fields of; Community and Urban Planning; Parks, Environment, Biodiversity and Conservation; Sport and Physical Activity; and Tourism, Arts and Interpretation.

Attending the conference in Sydney will ensure that your company is placed in:

• One of the world’s most forward thinking, green, global and connected cities.

• A leading centre for business, leisure, education and culture, with 600,000 people travelling to Sydney every weekday to work in our competitive business sectors, as well as enjoy the iconic beaches, stunning harbour, beautiful parklands and public domain.

• A city with many diverse, vibrant and connected cultures.

We would like to ‘Inspire and create the future together’ with you, and look forward to seeing you in Sydney.

Andrew Robinson
Conference Chair
Parks and Leisure Australia

Mark Band
Chief Executive Officer
Parks and Leisure Australia


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